Just over a year ago we welcomed three young apprentices to our busy travel team here at Ulookubook, and as they wave goodbye to their first year, we thought it the perfect opportunity to ask them just exactly how they’ve found it here…

Daniel – Business Administration (Marketing) – 19

Daniel Debetham“I decided I wanted to do this apprenticeship because I’ve always had an interest in marketing. I  knew taking an apprenticeship would help me adapt new skills while learning from others, also it  gave me the opportunity to get a recognized and relevant qualification in something I enjoy doing.  Everyone has been so kind ever since I first came and they helped me settle in, also the help and  guidance they have given me has went a long way into making me feel so comfortable and  confident within the workplace. I enjoy all the work that I do and I also enjoy just being at work!  Everyone makes you feel so welcome, couldn’t ask for better people to work with!”


Katie – Travel And Tourism – 18

Katie Mcloskey“I wanted to do this apprenticeship because I knew it would open so many opportunities for me. It was letting me get experience and knowledge in something I enjoyed and still end up with qualifications at the end of it. Within just over a year, I’ve learnt so much. I’ve learnt different parts of the job so I can use the skills in different jobs. I’ve learned the customer service side and sales side of things, which is useful in most job roles. Trying to apply for jobs before and having no experience was near impossible. Now I’ve got my qualification and experience and I actually enjoy where I work, I have so much more confidence in my future.”


Paige – Business Administration (Social Media) – 18

Paige Romero

“I wanted to take on this apprenticeship because while doing my A-levels I found myself regretting the path I had taken, I no longer had the interest to go on to university, I just wanted to get into working where I could earn my own money and learn at the same time. Fast forward to today and I’ve learnt so much it’s difficult to condense it down into one paragraph. I suppose the biggest thing I have learnt is that I’m definitely on the right track now and much happier in myself. I’ve loved working here and I can see myself having a long career here, everyone has been very welcoming.”


Quote from Susan Winter (Sales Director) “I am extremely pleased to see how Paige, Daniel and Katie have grown within our company over the last year, they have all given 100% commitment to their apprentice work and also gained experience in their roles from our experienced staff members.   I am delighted that we have been able to offer all 3 apprentices positions within our company and look forward to watching how their futures progresses within our organisation”

Currently Ulookubook have taken on 2 new apprentices in marketing and sales, and hope to take more on in the near future.

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