Recently, two of our Ulookubook employees jetted off to Turkey and we wanted to know exactly what they thought of it! For Helen, this was her first time, whereas Sharon has been going for years, which made for a really good overview of the Turquoise Coast…


                       Helen                                                                  Sharon

How many times have you visited Turkey?

Helen: This year was my first time.

Sharon: I have been to Turkey many times over the last 20 years, and have enjoyed the country on every occasion.

What attracts you back to Turkey?

Helen: The people we’re so friendly, everything was so incredibly priced and its just such a beautiful place.

Sharon: The beauty is a major influence. The beaches are stunning and the cost of living is brilliant so your money goes a lot further.

Did you travel as a family or couple?

Helen: We travelled as a family this time.

Sharon: I have travelled to Turkey as a couple and also with a younger family. There is something to do for everyone. From swimming and scuba diving to para gliding. Shopping and of course eating and drinking.

Would you visit Turkey again in the future?

Helen: oh, definitely! We thoroughly enjoyed it!

Sharon: I will carry on visiting Turkey forever!

Which area/resort would you recommend for others to stay in and why?

Helen:  Well we’ve only ever been once, but we stayed on the outskirts of Marmaris. In between Marmaris and Icemler. It wasn’t too quiet and you’re only a short bus ride away from the lively Marmaris!

Sharon: Our favourite resort is Olu Deniz. There is the most amazing lagoon, where you can swim with the turtles! There’s also a load of beautiful beaches to get married on!

Did you change money before you travelled in a foreign exchange office or did you take English and exchange when in resort?

Helen: We took English and Turkish, we found a lot of places take either.

Sharon: We have always changed money in Turkey as you get a much better exchange rate for the lira.

What top tip would you give to anyone travelling to Turkey?

Helen: Definitely do a boat trip around the coast. Only £10 for a whole day including lunch, and it was a lot of fun!

Sharon: One of my top tips is make sure you take an empty suitcase as your money will go a long way in all the shops and markets. Buying light fittings or clothes or bags or shoes. You can really buy everything at very cheap prices.

Would you recommend Turkey to customers, friends and family?

Helen: Of course, the people of Turkey are very friendly and they coast is so beautiful. I recommend a high star hotel if you like a little comfort. If you got to the Bizarre make sure to haggle with the local traders as its loads of fun and you get everything a lot cheaper. Don’t be frightened to try the local way of life as you will miss out on a  great experience.

Sharon:  Everyone should experience the Turquoise Coast in my opinion. Over the many years i have travelled to this wonderful destination i have never had one complaint. All of my experiences of Turkey have been wonderful. The people are a delight and will go out of their way to help you. If you would like to do any sightseeing then Dalyan has a wonderful ampitheatre and tombs in the hills and  the mud baths if you want to get very smelly but smooth. Overall, I will recommend Turkey to anyone!


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