It’s great working for you do learn about some great places to go. I’ve just got back from the USA, and I’m sporting my new tan and relaxed self around the office.
In other news, I’ve just joined Twitter, mainly for work- so please follow us on Twitter. it’s incredibly addictive, and a lot simpler to use than Facebook. I’ve only been on about twice and immediately understand how it works. Thumbs up to their web developers 🙂 However, probably not as exciting as Mark Zuckerberg’s story on his social network; Facebook. We’re on there too so please join our Facebook page. Both our Facebook and twitter accounts have a live news-feed of our current offers/deals, or just join us for a bit of patter!

Now that’s probably enough from me. Please get joining and involved in the groups. Trust me, there’s some good things to come from those!

Happy Holidays!


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