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Golfing in Europe: Well Above Par!

A recent KPMG survey has revealed the reversal of fortune for golfing holidays. It seems the lure of the fairway is too strong for a


10 Reasons Why Valencia Made Lonely Planet Top 5

With the Lonely Planet travel guide placing Valencia at fifth place in its top ten list of cities to visit last year, the south-eastern Spanish


Centurions and Gladiators Clash with Police in Rome

It’s not the first time that Roman centurions have fought on the streets of the Eternal City, but perhaps it’s the strangest – scuffles broke


Seville Fiestas! Semana Santa and the Feria de Abril

The Andalusian capital of Seville is always a great holiday destination, thanks to its hot climate, delicious food and drink, plus beautiful city architecture reflecting

April 24, 2012 Europe, Holiday Destinations

What’s current!?

So July, should be start of summer. Seems to be boiling one day and then raining the next!? Hopefully we’ll get a good month of

July 05, 2011 Europe, Events, Holiday Deals
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