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So I’ve got one question to ask you all. Where’s the best city to live in the UK and why? Lots of people say London…I reckon you’d get sick of it after a while. I always thought Edinburgh is a beautiful city, not sure I’d like to work there everyday though. Remember before you answer, take everything into account- is it landlocked (would you miss the sea?), could you see yourself working there (and if so, in what kind of job/industry/company), do you love the city or the countryside (does this place have the best of both!?), is the place busy (busy enough, or too busy-no one wants to be stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end everyday!), what’s the nightlife like/eating out/ the cinema-is there plenty to do!?, and lastly can you carry on most of your hobbies for example going to the gym, or playing for a sports team, (anything!) Also, if you were to move here, what would be the thing you miss most from where you are now!?

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